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Podcasting Resources (Audacity)

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We had the opportunity to create podcasts using Garageband in our class. This wasn't too difficult and you were able to create a first-time podcast which had
1) Intro Music,
2) Preview,
3) Bumper Music,
4) Main Story,
5) Bumper Music,
6) Related Story,
7) Bumper Music,
8) Summation and Preview for Next Time, and
9) Outro Music.

Now it is your turn to create a podcast of your own. Identify the topic that you want to cover.

Podcasting in Windows
Unfortunately, Garageband doesn't work with Windows. There is another program that you can use. It is called Audacity.

  1. Download Audacity. (You will have to go to the SourceForge website to download it.)
  2. Download the Lame MP3 encoder. (You MUST have this to create MP3 files.)
  3. Install them on your computer. Audacity and Lame have to be installed separately.
  4. You may also want to get some background music. Depending upon what you have.
  5. Watch this video on how to create a podcast using Audacity. (4:30)
  6. Write your scripts/plans.
  7. Record your segments.
  8. Mix the music with your recordings.
  9. Save it as a MP3 file.
  10. Upload to Podbean.
  11. Post the link to your podcast in the Podcast dropbox.
Remember that the Key is in the planning.
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