Sunday, May 1, 2011

Create a Constitution

How will you rewrite the constitution in Egypt?  
   You will be split up into four groups and each group will have a political party and your group will function as this party. Your group is to represent what your party wants changed in the Government. On the Resource page you will find what each party is and where to find some information. You should also consult other sources for information.
    Next, based on your party, you will help design a new Constitution. Your only view point will be from the one party and not your personal view point. Then, once you have figured out what you would like to include for your demands, the whole class will get together, as a country, and make up one Constitution.
    Remember you are to go into the whole group using the ideas of the party you were assigned and as a class work together to compile a Constitution to help get in place the demands of your
constituents. Please refer to the wiki page to find links to information about what is being demanded by the people and how their Government is responding. Remember to add yourself to the wiki page!

Group 1- Muslim Brotherhood - Freudian Slip
Group 2- National Democratic Party- No Names 
Group 3- National Progressive Unionist Party- Fredrick the Moose  
Group 4- Egypt Arab Socialist Party- Short and Sticky
Your group will need to make a concept map.  You will be using this site Mindmeister to create your group concept map. After you are done with your map please make a screen capture and post it to the wiki page for this project under your page. Each group has their own page. When we meet for class, on Wednesday, your group will need to tell the rest of the class what you found out about your platforms. That way the whole class will understand you position.

Your screen shot will be due on Wednesday by 10am to earn your full points. If it is turned in after 12(noon) you will receive no points for this part of the project.
How to Use Mindmeister- Jing Video

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