Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Movie Community - PBL Example 2011

Literature is essentially one big discussion.  It's all about people talking about books, movies and ideas, and now that the internet has become so accessible to everyone, that discussion has continued and thrived.  Think about the sites you visit on a daily basis.  How many of those have a "movies" tab tucked away up in the corner next to "Sports" and "News."  iTunes has a whole category of podcasts devoted to movies. And you can be a part of this discussion.

Take a minute to check out a few ways that movies are being talked about on-line:

Visit a few of these links and read a little about your favorite movies being dissected's 6 Famous Movies with Mind-Blowing Hidden Meanings and 6 Insane Fan Theories that Actually Make Great Movies Better
Ain't It Cool News
 Fatboy Roberts' Movie Blog
or go to IMDB and check out the forums for your favorite movies.
(Really, just Googling "movie Blogs" will bring you to a bunch of great writers writing about awesome movies.)
or check out some Podcasts on iTunes.  They're free and many of them are done by your favorite comedians and actors.  Including Doug Benson, Kevin Smith, etc.

Now that you've gotten acquainted with this sort of movie talk, its time for you to join the discussion yourself.  First, in our own little community before you strike out into the world-at-large.

Join our Class Group on Edmodo

Our class code is udplyy (Libby's the Teacher)

Next watch one of the short films at  They're just a few cool little movies that won't take up much of your time and are pretty fun to watch.
You can watch any of them, but We'd rather you'd watch one of these four so that there will enough of each one of you to talk about the movies in class and online.

The Descendant (Horror, action)
Foolishly Seeking True Love (Comedy, Romance)
On Time (Fantasy-ish, Philosophy)
Piano Man (Crime Drama)

Answer the Poll on Edmodo so we know what you watched, and post some comments in the discussion groups.
For more fun, watch the movies at these eight o'clock tonight (Tuesday) and tomorrow (Wednesday) night with your class mates and talk about them in real time at riiight here.

I'll be posting a video of a commentary of the Descendant  tonight, so if you need some ideas or want to see how it's done by a pro, sort of (Alex).


  1. Great way to introduce movie critique.

    It would be useful to include a link to EdModo in the text.



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