Friday, April 13, 2012

Boundless Playgrounds

Please complete this RWLD for class on Thursday, April 17th.

Think back to elementary school, I know this was a long time ago, and recall your childhood playground. Was everyone allowed to play on it, was this playground handicap accessible, could someone in a wheelchair get around on the playground, would this playground be a good environment for special needs children to play?

Please watch this video to help you gain an understanding of how important this matter is.

We think that this is a serious issue because not many schools are making an effort to create a playground accessible to all. We want you to use your research skills and find or take a picture of a local playground and post it to this document for the class to see.

After reflecting on your playground, it’s time for you to explore this website and watch this video on playground safety. Be prepared to discuss your playground and if it would follow the NPPS regulations during class.

During class on Thursday, we will be using google sketchup to create a boundless playground. Please go to this link to download google sketchup to your laptop. It should only take a few minutes to download and it's free. Please watch these introductory videos on Google SketchUp and become familiar with Goolge SketchUp.

We will also be using components to help create our boundless playground. Please watch this instructional video on how to find and use components in Google SketchUp.

Come to class ready to create a Boundless Playground. Think outside the box to help create the playground of a special needs child’s dream.

Here is how you post your google SketchUp to your blog.

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