Tuesday, April 17, 2012

You Choose the News

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 Have you ever thought about how difficult it would be to learn about current events if most of the news sources were too challenging for you to understand?

It is going to be your task, as 10th graders, to find a way to engage a 3rd grade class in current events.

To help you prepare for your task please:

1. Look through the below websites and read a few news articles.

2. Watch this Jing Video which explains how to use the web 2.0 tool Blabberize.

3. Listen to this podcast, created by a 3rd grade class, to help you get re-aquatinted with the cognitive level of elementary students. You don't need to listen to the whole thing, you can skip around and listen to different segments, you just need to listen to about 5 minutes in total.

4. Choose one of news articles that you read which you think would be relevant to 3rd graders. Then print out and complete this current events form.

Complete by Tuesday, April 24th

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