Sunday, April 29, 2012

We are all more than labels!

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Society has a way of labeling people. I'm sure you've heard some of these labels in school, like the "jocks", "geeks" or worse. More than anything, these labels are a set of expectations, and are always harmful. Hiding behind these labels are some amazing talents and interests. In our lesson, we are going to talk about how everyone is more than a label.

For Wednesday (at 1:00!), please complete the following:

  1. Visit, and read Tyler's story
  2. After you have read Tyler's story, watch his video (It may download the video, which is fine, just watch it!)
  3. After you watch Tyler's video, think about what stuck out to you. Tyler does not let his cerebral palsy get in the way of doing what he loves. Think about some things that you love to do that others might not expect. Be sure to write these down so you remember!
  4. Once you have some ideas written down, write a script of how you might explain this to a listener. Try to find some photos or videos of these things, or record a video or voice over of yourself explaining this. Try to do as many of these as possible. 
On Wednesday, you and your group will be working together to create your own movie sharing what makes you unique, and more than any label. You will need to work together to create smooth transitions from each individual story to the next.

What to bring on Wednesday:
  1. Your script. (Required)
  2. Digital photos and/or videos (Required, but you can choose how many you wish to bring and use in the final product)
  3. Voice over of your script (Optional, but recommended. The computers in class are not the best for recording voice)
We will be discussing iMovie on Wednesday, and watching this video by John. If you would like to refer to it while working on your movie in class, you can pull it up to watch here!

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